SpoofChat is a weekly twitter chat which parody's social media, pop culture, and current events.
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SpoofChat is an online gathering like you’ve never experienced before. SpoofChat combines social media, pop culture, and humor into an hour of entertainment where YOU are the star. Do you want to learn more about SpoofChat?

"Crying! I'm laughing so hard I'm actually crying "
"OMG this is hilarious best chat #SpoofChat"
"I love my peeps in #SpoofChat. You guys complete me Maguire style..."
"@SpoofChat This might be the most fun thing on Twitter. Thanks @AdamDince for the invite!"
"This chat reminds me of the Sunday morning I forgot last weekend #SpoofChat"
"Lol I love how you said goodnight a few minutes ago. But just keep on going.... #spoofchat it's addicting."
"I'm literally rolling on the floor laughing #SpoofChat"
"Best mid-week chat ever! ---> #spoofchat"
"The laugh that I just did was SO awkward. It came from somewhere in my intestines... LOL. 🙂 But, love... #SpoofChat"

What is SpoofChat?

SpoofChat is an hour-long online event known as a twitter chat that takes place every Wednesday evening at 10pm EST. Unlike other Twitter Chats, SpoofChat was designed to entertain its participants with humorous questions and scenarios that border on the insane. During the chat, SpoofChat’s participants are encouraged to answer 10 questions with the most creative answers they can come up with. The pace at which the comments fly back and forth have been known to create an unforgettable atmosphere of absolute enjoyment. SpoofChat relies completely on its audience to create the most hilarious hour of interaction on Twitter. Would you like to experience SpoofChat?


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